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Administrative Technology

AT 173 Records Management/4 (30-30)
Introduces various filing systems and procedures relating to the creation, storage, and retrieval of business records.

AT 248 Electronic Research/4 (30-30)
Refines the knowledge of how to conduct searches of the World Wide Web and dealing with tools such as directories and search engines. Students will be able to navigate the web and critically assess the quality of material found there.

AT 257 Publication Design/4 credits (20-40)
Introduces students to the use of microcomputers for designing and producing various publications. Hands-on experience is provided in using desktop publishing software and a laser or color inkjet printer to produce high resolution publications, such as flyers, brochures, business forms, and newsletters. Students are also introduced to basic design techniques, type and graphics layout, and the related terminology.
Prerequisite: WP 255

AT 273 Office Procedures/4 (30-30)
Familiarizes students with basic procedures used in the automated office with emphasis on efficiency and professionalism. The value of interpersonal, as well as technical skills, is emphasized.
Prerequisite: 60 hours completed