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DE 190 Dental Anatomy/4 (30-30)
Introduces students to the oral cavity and surrounding anatomical structures. Emphasis is placed on the Trigeminal Nerve, Histology and Embryology of the oral cavity and its dentition. Pathology of the oral cavity disorders is discussed as well.
Prerequisite: DE 292

DE 290 Dental Materials/4 (30-30)
Teaches the handling of chairside materials such as dental cements, preliminary and final impressions, temporary crowns and restorations, sealants and fluoride treatments, restorative materials and pouring and trimming of stone models. The laboratory procedures involved, as well as the actual laboratory work, are included.
Prerequisite: DE 190

DE 291 Dental Instruments and Procedures/4 (30-30)
Introduces students to the principles of four-handed dentistry, instrument transfer, the specialties of dentistry, and the procedures used in each. Students will also learn about high-speed evacuation and will be able to function as a chairside assistant in actual practice.
Prerequisite: DE 292

DE 292 Chairside Assisting/4 (30-30)
Provides in-depth information concerning patient care in the dental practice. Students are made aware of OSHA regulations concerning instrument handling and sterilization and disease transmission. Students are prepared to handle medical, as well as dental, emergencies which might arise in the dental office. Oral disease control is covered, as are dental clinical charting systems. A brief history of dentistry and assisting is included.

DE 293 Dental Radiology/4 (30-30)
Studies X-ray techniques and practices. Students are expected to place, expose, develop, and mount two full-mouth series of radiographs. Digital and panoramic techniques are reviewed as well. Safety regulations when exposing radiographs and the history of dental radiography are discussed.
Prerequisite: DE 190

DE 294 Dental Seminar/4 (30-30)
Summarizes previous clinical and laboratory courses allowing for additional skill development.
Prerequisite: DE 290, DE 291 & DE 293

DE 295 Dental Office Management/4 (30-30)
Emphasizes the written and computer management of patient charts and records, appointment scheduling, insurance forms, and billing as applicable to a dental office. Verbal and written communication are discussed, along with ethics and psychology in the dental practice. There is a review of tooth numbering systems and charting as well.
Prerequisite: DE 292

DE 299 Dental Externship
Assigns advanced students to work in a dental office to receive an actual clinical experience and to expand on their dental assisting skills.
Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C in major subject area is necessary to participate.