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Word Processing

WP 150 Keyboarding/4 (20-40)
Introduces the basic keyboard and functions. Emphasis is placed on proper techniques and skill building for beginners.

WP 251 Speed-building/4 (20-40)
Encourages maximum speed development with a minimum number of errors through speedbuilding drill exercises and timed tests.
Prerequisite: WP 150

WP 254 Word I/4 (20-40)
Introduces the basics of word processing and computer use. Students have hands-on experience while learning the various features offered by the program.
Prerequisite: 25 WPM

WP 255 Word II/4 (20-40)
Expands students’ skills using a word processing program. Students will learn the more advanced features of the program. Emphasis is placed on skill development, independent work, and decision making.
Prerequisite: WP 254