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Online Learning Readiness Evaluation

Do you have the skills needed to be successful taking classes online? Online students need to be self-directed, have good time-management skills, and work well with limited supervision. If you are uncertain about your ability to complete an online course, take the following quiz to identify skills you might want to enhance. 

If you answer "No" to any of these questions, you should enhance your skills in those areas before enrolling in any type of online program. For assistance on how to update your skills, please contact Huntington Junior College at 304-697-7550 or 800-344-4522. 

Do you use a computer every day?
If you have a problem with your computer, can you get it fixed within 24 hours?
Do you have technical support that you can call for help with computer questions?
Do you know how to print a document from your word processing software and the internet?
Do you use an internet e-mail program every day? 
Have you attached a document and sent it through e-mail?
Do you know how to download software from the internet such as Windows Media or Adobe Acrobat?
Do you know how to upload a file to a server such as YouTube or a classroom environment?
Have you used software such as Windows Media to view streaming images?
Do you know how to use a search engine (e.g. Yahoo or Google) to find information on the internet?
Do you know how to navigate through a website using provided links?
Are you comfortable contacting your fellow classmates and instructors through electronic formats only?
Are you self-motivated and do you work well with no supervision?
Are you able to meet deadlines?
Are you able to manage your time effectively and prioritize activities?
Are you willing to spend 10-20 hours per week with your online courses?