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Huntington Junior College The following pages provide a brief course description for each of the courses offered at Huntington Junior College.

Courses are listed by course number, which appear as a two-letter and three-digit alphanumeric code, such as GE 200. The course title appears next, followed by the number of credit hours the course is worth. If the course requires lab time, there is a distribution of how much class time is spent performing lab work verses lecture hours. Beneath the title appear the summary of the course and any prerequisites required. Prerequisites must be successfully completed before you can enroll in the subsequent coursework.

Classes that fulfill general education electives can be found under the “General Education” section of the course descriptions. Elective credits can be courses offered at Huntington Junior College that are not required as part of your major. Each quarter, you have the opportunity to meet with an academic counselor to discuss scheduling options and ask questions you may have about your program or specific classes.

Accounting  Math 
Dental  Medical 
English  Office Administration 
General Education  Realtime Reporting 
Law  Transcription 
  Word Processing