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Huntington Junior College English

EN 160 English Grammar Skills/4
Reinforces the principles of modern spoken and written English usage. The parts of speech, sentence construction, word usage, and punctuation are emphasized. In addition, spelling and vocabulary building are included.

EN 161 English Composition I/4
Reinforces grammar skills and sentence construction. Primary focus is on paragraph development and paragraph organization to promote more effective writing skills.
Prerequisite: Students must complete or test out of EN 160 prior to taking EN 161.

EN 162 English Composition II/4
Builds upon the fundamental knowledge gained in EN 161 with emphasis on writing skills. Outlining and logical organization are reviewed. Essays and research report writing are emphasized.
Prerequisite: EN 161

EN 261 Business Communications /4M
Develops students’ ability to communicate clearly with customers, co-workers, and employers. Course activities will include the composition of letters and memos based on specific business situations. The course also includes instruction in interviewing techniques. To prepare for the job-search process, students will compile information for job applications and compose their résumés, cover letters, references, and follow-up letters.
Prerequisite: EN 161 & WP 150