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Huntington Junior College Huntington Junior College’s grading system is based on a 4.0 quality point scale. The following chart describes the percentage needed for each letter grade and the quality points each grade will earn.

  Quality Points
Per Credit Hour
A 92-100 High Achievement         4
B 83-91 Good         3
C 74-82 Satisfactory         2
D 67-73 Needs Improvement         1
F Below 67 Unsatisfactory         0

The following codes will be utilized in place of completed grades:
I Incomplete
W Withdrawal
CR Credit Granted
TR Transfer Credit Granted
X Did Not Start Class

If you receive an incomplete, you need to make arrangements with the instructor to complete your outstanding work as soon as possible. Should an incomplete remain unchanged past one year of the original course start date, it will automatically change to a failing grade.