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Huntington Junior College Word Processing

WP 150 Keyboarding/4 (20-40)
Introduces the basic keyboard and functions. Emphasis is placed on proper techniques and skill building for beginners.

WP 251 Speedbuilding/4 (20-40)
Encourages maximum speed development with a minimum number of errors through speedbuilding drill exercises and timed tests.
Prerequisite: WP 150

WP 254 Word Processing I/4 (20-40)
Introduces the basics of word processing and computer use. Students have handson experience while learning the various features offered by the program.
Prerequisite: 25 WPM

WP 255 Word Processing II/4 (20-40)
Expands studentsí skills using a word processing program. Students will learn the more advanced features of the program. Emphasis is placed on skill development, independent work, and decision making.
Prerequisite: WP 254

WP 256 Word Processing III/4 (20-40)
Enhances studentsí skills in word processing utilizing the skills acquired in the introductory and intermediate courses to attain total proficiency with all facets of the word processing software.
Prerequisite: WP 255

WP 257 Introduction to Desktop Publishing/4 (20-40)
Introduces students to the use of microcomputers for designing and producing various publications. Hands-on experience is provided in using desktop publishing software and a laser or color inkjet printer to produce high resolution publications, such as flyers, brochures, business forms, and newsletters. Students are also introduced to basic design techniques, type and graphics layout, and the related terminology.
Prerequisite: WP 255